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About Us

 Our Mission is to reach the world at home and beyond with the message of Jesus Christ.

​ Our Vision is to see people, through the power of Christ, saved, healed, delivered, discipled, equipped, empowered, matured and serving.


 Core Values

      Biblical Foundation -The Bible is the infallible Word of God.

      Presence - In reverence and awe, we honor God's presence. 

      Honor - Honor is the basis for all healthy relationships.

      Acceptance - We believe all people are valuable.

      Worship - There is freedom at World Harvest Center to release passion and            adoration in worship.

      Personal Commitment & Responsibility - We believe leadership begins with          a personal choice to step into obedience of your calling and gifting. 


 What We Believe

      Connecting - It is our passion to lead people to a personal relationship with                Jesus Christ and a connection to a church family. Every person is valued and               accepted. On this journey of life, none should stand alone.

       Equipping - We are a training center that prepares people with a Biblical                     foundation to effectively impact their sphere of influence with Kingdom                       reality. 

      Empowering -Through empowerment of the Holy Spirit, believers have                        authority to operate in signs, wonders and miracles. What is impossible with              man is possible with God.​                      

      Releasing - We believe every person has a ministry. However, ministries are              most effective when released outside the church walls, into the community,                through daily experience.

Our Pastors



Les Cumiford     Worship Pastor  

Kim Cumiford     Women's Ministries      




Christie DeWees     Lead Pastor

Clint DeWees          Co-Pastor &  

                                Property Management 

 Evette Medina    Children's Pastor

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